BTS j-hope’s Day 2 “Permission to Dance On Stage, Seoul” Message for ARMYs + His Instagram Updates

“Day 2 of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage, Seoul continues and j-hope has been giving fans a bit if the behind the scenes experiences. From teh souncheck to him preparing to gio on stage, j-hope shared those moments with fans on his personal instagram account. He also took to Weverse to thank the fan for showing uo but showing concern at how much it rained wondering if they got home okay and if the were fine after being rained on.

Everyoneㅠㅠ You all took a wash in warm water right? ㅠOur Army.. ㅠ I’m worried about youㅠㅠ.. Since you got wet in the rain alot.. ㅠㅠㅠ I hope you all reached home well … 💕 Since we performed in the rain after long time. I think we did it even more joyfully saying ‘ahh screw it’ because we were very excited… Maybe due to that, my claves are… But still, if it was for Armys who came today, it’s just a matter of calves!!! Hahahaaahaha Anyways, I’m very happy because I feel like another one of a special memory of our own has been recorded. I feel like I’ll be able to sleep while smiling (thanks to that) Thank you for making me able to end my day with smiles and happiness 😇🤗 I love you today too as always!!! Goodnight everyone *smooch*!! 😉💜 j-hope

j-hope’s posts on instagram

Behind the scene plus on stage

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