BTS Don’t Need Permission to Dance Even in The Rain, It’s The Serotonin Boost You Never Knew You Needed Today


“Day 2 of BTS’ Seoul Concert continued as the members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin V and Jung Kook have the performance of the century! It’s day two and it seems their energy is still as high or even higher than it was on the first day. In a viral clip with over 1.6 million views shared on Twitter fans get to see BTS dancing and being their regular chaotic extra energetic selves.

South Korea has been having cold weather that even the BTS membwrs have been telling fans to wear warmly and SUGA even said that it was predicted to rain in the following days.

And rain it did, the song being heard n the background is BTS “GO GO” that fans had gotten excited at getting a sneak peak of it before the performance day. BTS danced in the rain continuing their performance despite the heavy downpour, just showing that even the rain does not have to give BTS the permission to dance infront of ARMYs after such a long time.

Having a bad day? Just want to get some extra energy? Watch BTS dance and enjoy themselves in the rain!

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