ARMys Hearts Have Been Trying To Sue “Min Yoongi” (BTS’ SUGA) Since 2014, Will They Succeed in Suing Him in 2022?

“The whole Twitter is on fire, Yoongi has been lighting up the fire in ARMYs hearts with his hottest look while performing during sound check. “MIN YOONGI I WILL SUE YOU” is currently trending as fans express their excitement, shock, awe, heart break over the rapper’s all black look, possible flirty moments and aura. It’s not the first time that fans want to sue him for looking too hot.

The “I will sue you Min Yoongi” saga started back in 2014 when during a fan sign, a girl started to shout that she will sue SUGA for being a “dangerous man” and that he needs to take responsibility for turning her into such a “die-hard fangirl“. Although both embarrassed and flustered, SUGA tried to keep his cool throughout but eventually started laughing. 

One year later in 2015, he encountered the girl once again and this time she threatened to report him because he makes her “heart explode.” This time SUGA responded and asked her if she’ll report him again. At a third fan signing, SUGA recognised the same girl when he joked that she should sue Jin since he accidentally hit a fan with a plushy saying that this time it would not be him getting sued

Fast foward to 2022 and now thousands of ARMY are threatening to sue Min Yoongi (SUGA) for causing them breathless moments. So will they succeed in suing him? Unfortunately SUGA’s hottness keeps going up in degrees so that is a case that will take years to resolve as he keeps getting hotter by the minute! 😏😀

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