BTS SUGA’s Precious Ending Speech For Their Day 1 Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, SEOUL” Concert


“Day 1 of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage, SEOUL” concert kicked off and the members performed amidst the restrictions on clapping, singing, dancing, and even standing during the concert. In the end, as is always the case with BTS; concerts, the members gave their speeches speaking about how the event was meaningful. SUGA said,

“everyone 2.5 years! here we are again! when we were here last time, we said just wait a little bit but it’s been 2.5 years so we’re sorry about it. But everyone did you have fun? we have more better days to come and we will always find an answer!”

“Thank you so much and to those watching online too! thank you I love you!” SUGA

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