BTS RM’s Passsionate Ending Speech For Their Day 1 Of “Permission to Dance on Stage, SEOUL” Concert


“Day 1 of BTS’ “Permission to Dance on Stage, SEOUL” concert kicked off and the members performed amidst the restrictions on clapping, singing, dancing, and even standing during the concert. In the end, as is always the case with BTS; concerts, the members gave their speeches speaking about how the event was meaningful. RM said

“it’s not easy right? we didn’t realize how precious it is to be together and jump together. It was taken for granted. I would be lying if I said it didn’t effect us. we had lots of restrictions, but now doing the concert, it’s so much better than an untact concert…”

“I think we took a big step. I really wanted to sing home and it was meaningful because this is my true home. seeing you all made me so happy. And looking back at this, its gonna be funny and a memory. So later on, to our children, we can tell them that we were only able to clap at concerts. This historical moment, thank you for joining us. Get back home warmly! We will come back with better things. And I’m happy we were able to keep the promise to be back here! You are the ones who complete this last song, wherever you are!…”

“It was really meaningful to us because this is our true home. Seeing you just make me happy” RM

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