HYBE MERCH Announced Their 3rd Sale For BTS’ “Artist-made Collection,” Fans Expressing Their Frustrations At The Glitches Of Buying The Merch Online

“On 28th January HYBE MERCH announced their 3rd sale of “BTS’ Artist made collection. All members Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook all had their merch sold out within minutes after being released on the Weverse shops in Japan, USA and global shops. Fans have been calling out HYBE to restock the items due to many not getting the chance to purchase at the speed the items were disappearing! Jin’s Pajama Set plus matching pillows, SUGA’s guitar pick plus black notebook, RM’s jogger pants plus wind chime, j-hope’s mini bag plus flower pot set, Jimin’s purple hoodie plus earrings, V’s bag plus brooches and Jung Kook’s mood lamp plus four artsy hoodies are back on sale, for a few seconds anyway…

At this point anyone knows that ARMY is fast! and they will sell out anything BTS related in pretty much mili seconds! Hunger Games is real when it cones to ARMY and BTS merch. Even Jung Kook was surprised and asked aren’t ARMY way too fast after selling out Kombucha which made it impossible for him to get. With every new product, the items were sold out without effort. Fans demanded that HYBE restock the merch to give as many people as [possible to get their hands on BTS members’ personalized items.

HYBE announced the 3rd sale of the items but ARMY are unhappy with the process of trying to get their hands on BTS merch. Most are complaining about the glitches in the Weverse shops as many were just mili-seconds from getting the item/s but then they were sold out only to see on other sites the items being sold at ridiculous prices. They want the company to fix the glitches in the system and try and produce enough items so that there is no fight-to-the-death moments trying to acquire these unique BTS items

Fans have been airing pout their frustrations on how hard it ahs been trying to purchase any of the items. They don’t have an issue with how fast the merch is going but their experience on the Weverse app. They all just want a good shopping experience. It’s understandable that the items are custom made and specific so the production time, cost and materials would not be easy to produce as fast as the masses are consuming. Now the ball is on HYBE’s court to determine how they will feed the hunger to get BTS’ “Artist-made collection” merch.

“weverseshop bro, it’s time to improve your app, it’s the worst online shopping service in the entire world”

“improve this, we deserve a better shopping experience”

“Do you know how frustrating it is to keep refreshing the page from COMING SOON to SOLD OUT, without even getting the chance of adding the item to the cart? I kept refreshing from 3:55 PM til 4:04 and after that even if it said the mood lamp was already sold out.”

“I wonder how many units you’ve produced for pre-order. Since it’s pre-order and you’ve seen how muuuuuuch the demand is, pls continue to accept pre-orders til Feb 7 (as you indicated in your 1st notice) and produce them. Please supply the big demand. You can do it! Dont be shy”

“Please since the items have to be produced anyway, why don’t you open all items for a couple of hours & let everyone order what they want? It would be so much easier. Right now, you’re just creating a lot of angry fans. I don’t think you comprehend the enormity of the fandom”

“this is not okay, at each pre-order there is an issue, last time it was network and address issue, this time, half of the merch was “coming soon” for more than 5min preventing us to buy it! Look at the hour and the screenshots! This is not acceptable, fix your app!!”

“Seriously you guys are just messing with us on purpose now, aren’t you? 3rd time trying to get the Jimin hoodie, been refreshing from 4:55 p.m., coming soon coming soon coming soon til 5:05 then sold out. Not even a chance to get it in my cart. DOES IT EVEN EXIST????”

Yeah. Same thing happens. Even I went to USA 1st and go thru paypal and everything cool. But guest what 1st time wanted my paypal password and then even I was to pull my card AGAIN even thought was added to my acct since almost 2 years now. Come on guys. Every single time…”

“I didn’t get the hoodie and I’m fine with that. However, you need to fix your app weverseshop, HYBE_MERCH for a better customer experience. I kept loading the page, closing the app and still the status was coming soon before SOLD OUT”

“Please fix your app I went thru everything thru pay pay and when i was about to pay with weverse log me out It also kept logging me out the other 2 times. Please you guys know we all want the merch Please fix the app so it doesn’t crash so easily. And please restock jimins merch”

“I couldn’t buy anything. It shows me just “coming soon” to all of the items for like 10 minutes and then sold out like why is it always like this this is annoying”

“Same here! And for US shop it didn’t show me all the merch available until it said sold out .. I was only able to see Rm, Jin and some of JK’s merch”

“Only had coming soon and only could add suga pick to my cart but it went sold out after I paid . Look the chime ( I kept refreshing and opening the app ) Idk if I can handle this pain anymore!! I really want the wind chime, but the app is making me miserable”

“Y’all better restock Jimins hoodie and JKs lamp or im suing for emotional damage”

“I was ready at exactly 5:00 PM KST, refreshed 10 times and Hobi’s bag went straight from ‘coming soon’ to ‘sold out’. I didn’t even get a chance to try buying it. This is actually ridiculous, you have scalpers selling 5 of them for twice the price and real fans can’t even get 1!”

“…you REALLY need to sort your app out!! Please invest some of those $$$ in better servers and a better, fairer purchasing system that gives buyers time to check out!! Ensure your items go on sale as scheduled not “coming soon” 8 minutes later”

“The sale was supposed to launch at 9 am Mt time. 9:05 it still showed me “coming soon”. I did reset the app many times. Then nit switched directly to sold out??!! How?! It’s the 3rd time already!!! Frustrated! Disappointed and sad! I want my hoodie!”

“Also by not making the merch membership only you are allowing more scalpers to get them in bulk while we are suffering. FIX YOURSELF!!! WHY DO WE PAY EVERY YEAR FOR MEMBERSHIP”

“All I want is a normal and fair purchasing experience. Please…come up with something. I can’t fight with bots and resellers. The anxiety is real! HYBE_MERCH, weverseshop. This is my 5th time being charged but the item is sold out in a sec. From COMING SOON to SOLD OUT??”

“I’m sad… Zero notification until 7 am this morning through Twitter. It’s Friday, I should be happy but nope…. Sad. Weverse has an entire notification system that wasn’t used?? What’s the membership even for”

“The hoodie kept saying coming soon for over 8 minutes after 5pm kst only for it to suddenly change straight from that to to sold out… this isn’t fair that we miss out due to some kind of glitch of the app. Please ensure this is fixed and doesn’t happen in the future”

“But WHY you don’t keep an eye on the one who buy your merch and re sell it at the highest prices ever??! For a mood lamp they sell it at a minimum of 800€ and you really don’t mind that all of your fans just continue to see all this merch sold out because of this people??!”

“You have to fix your servers. It said Coming Soon for me for 10 minutes so I couldn’t add to cart. Also, when it’s in somebody’s cart, lock it for 3-5 minutes at least.”

“And limit one per person!! Add a recaptcha to block scalpers!!”

“THIS IS SO UNFAIR! I was refreshing and it kept saying “coming soon” even after closing and re-opening the app and then it was sold out!!! 3rd time I’m literally crying right now this is not okay! Fix your goddamn app”

“Like it was 3-4min past and it still said coming soon?! I was refreshing, even going to different items and finally re-opening the app. I am losing sleep and rescheduling meeting just for this disappointment?!”

“EXSCUSE ME WEVERSE AND HYBE, BUT WTF???! how was it “SOLD OUT” when it was “COMING SOON” all that time!!! i‘m so upset in third time”

“my friend, my sister and me all faced this issue only to end up seeing it being sold out. fix your system please. scalpers get the items and sell them at such an unreasonable price. it’s not fair to us fans.”

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