BTS Revealed Their Characters For Their Latest WEBTOON “7FATES: CHAKHO”

“7FATES: CHAKHO” is a series that will feature the seven BTS members as characters who come together to save the city from monsters. It is an urban fantasy story inspired by a community of tiger or bear hunters in the Joseon Dynasty called chakhogapsa. It will feature urban legends such as goblins and bulgasalyi or bulgasari (unusual hybrid of monsters who are ‘impossible to kill’ Each BTS member has a character to play in the Webtoon and they reveal what each charecter is and how he plays an important part in the development of the story. Jung Kook is ZEHA of CHAKHO, Jimin is HARU of CHAKHO, RM is DOGEON of CHAKHO, Jin is HWAN of CHAKHO, j-hope is HOSU of CHAKHO, V is JOOAN of CHAKHO and SUGA is CEIN of CHAKHO.

“7 Fates: CHAKHO” was is an urban fantasy genre story set in a city of the near future. It was inspired by the “Chakhogapsa,” the Beom (tiger) hunters of the Joseon Dynasty. It is a story re-created by reinterpreting the stories of bears and Beom in mythology and the traditional Korean Beom tales with HYBE’s own imagination. The ‘Dynamic story’ will reveal how the seven men were bound by their own fate and what destiny has in store for them

Jung Kook ZEHA of CHAKHO

“Zeha is a half-human, half-tiger who was born between a human and a beom. He only finds out after being attacked by a beom so he is shocked. There’s also a huge bounty on the beom so everyone is trying to capture them. He uses his tiger powers to hunt them, but at the same time no one can find out that he is one himself so he finds himself in a difficult situation” Jung Kook


“I’d like to tell you about HARU from CHAKHO. First of all he’s not human. For a long time he was a rock that guarded the gate to the world of the beom. And then that rock became human. Since he lived for such a long time he’s a character that has the qualities of a master” Jimin


“Do-geon is a crime expert who’s had a hard life and has survived in the back alleys of the city. He can handle all sorts of firearms and is very perceptive, so he is very strong even on his own. At first he refuses to join the CHAKHO team. He feels he can work on his own and doesn’t need a team. But for some reason he keeps running into them, he starts thinking maybe its his fate to become partners with them and so they eventually become one team” RM


“HWAN used to be an ordinary archer but when he looses his entire family to a beom, he becomes a beom hunter. He’s playful and mischievous but when he’s hunting he’s a really cool and awesome archer. And you know Koreans are great archers. Keep an eye out for the awesome archer HWAN” Jin

j-hope HOSU of CHAKHO

“HOSU is a character that was kidnapped by a beom. In order to survive in their den he has to do something terrible. If you want to fund out what he did and why he has ‘golden eyes’ you’ll have to read the story that will be coming out soon!” j-hope


“JOOAN is someone that falls in love with a beom. He’s unbiased and is caring and compassionate so he’s able to love beyond his own species. But the love between hunter and the hunted can’t be easy. If you want to know what happens to this forbidden love check out “7FATES: CHAKHO” V


“CEIN is a character that is almost eaten by a beom but survives so he has a tragic story. He is traumatized by what happened and feels lost but fortunately he meets the other six friends and become more stable as he forms deep bonds with them” SUGA

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