“Artist-made collection by BTS” Jimin’s Version “With You Hoody + Red Carving Earring”

“The fifth member to release their “Artist-made collection by BTS” is Jimin who has released “With You Hoody and Red Carving Earring” The hood is in purple color with the words “You” inscribed at the front while the words “You never walk alone” inscribed at the back of the hood. There is also the words “Seven with you” which is a lyric from their song ‘We are bullet proof: the eternal.’ The red carving earrings are curved in a semi circle. The collection is engraved with the number “13” which is very dear and close to Jimin. He has the number 13 tattooed on his inner wrist his birthday is 13th October and BTS debuted on 13th June 2013. Jimin loves jewelry so it was no surprise that his collection would include delicate and beautiful earrings

With You Hoody
Red Carving Earring

Jimin’s 13 tatoo

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