Artist-made Collection “Show” BY BTS’ V, He Explains His Designs and Inspiration, featuring Jimin & Jin

“V introduced his merch collection and was joined by his fellow members, Jin and Jimin with Jin being the model for the merch while Jimin was the MC for the show. V knows exactly what he wants and how he pays so much attention to every detail and parts. Every little detail of the “Mute Boston Bag” and “Brooches Set (flower buddies, cloud drops and faces)” were all thoroughly planned from the design, color combinations to the materials to be used which V ensured were of high quality. V is passionate and creative with his hard work and consideration for army showing in his collection. He wanted it to be something more personal by including Vante art, and something convenient yet classy with the mute bag. You can watch the full episode HERE.

“I really like using scarves like this as an accent. When I usually draw, I like abstract drawing like these. I drew unique characters like these… Yes so they even have nosebleeds. I just want them (ARMY) to use these products in various ways and I hope they feel what I feel” V

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