“Artist-made collection by BTS” V’s Version “Mute Boston Bag + Brooch Set”

“The third member to release their “Artist-made collection by BTS” is V who has released a luxurious looking bag Mute Boston Bag and a set of colorful Brooches (flower buddies, cloud drops and faces) inspired by his love of art. The bag has V’s signature bright scarf, V loves scarfs in different colors and styles. The scarf is tied on its handles while the Brooches are carved to some of his paint art work that he has done in the past.

His love for brooches can be seen when he wore a paint pallet Brooch that sold out and is still a hot item on the artist’s website. V also loves art, both other painters’ work and painting his own. The “Christmas Tree” BTS vocalist also has the most amazing collection of bags that he’s always seen carrying at the airports.

Mute Boston Bag
Brooch Set
V’s artistic side
V’s handbag collection

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