BTS January 2022 VOGUE Korea Magazine Cover, “Would I Have Become A Singer Like I am Now If I Turn Back Time?” V

“My MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) started off as E (extraversion), but it recently changed to I (introversion). I heard that the difference between the two is big. I don’t think this change is bad. I’ve gotten the power to judge what’s right or wrong. This is because the people around me helped, so I was able to grow. I think I’ll crash frequently in the future and get hurt, but I’m not scared. What’s most important is how I act in that situation.” V

On the success of BTS

“I do also believe in fate. However, would I have become a singer like I am now if I turn back time? That may not be the case. That’s why I think of all this as luck that’s like a breeze.” V

“I wrote that my future dream job was becoming a singer since I was in elementary school, but nobody took me seriously, saying, ‘How could you be a singer?’ However, BTS is the team that made that dream happen. They say that you can’t make a career out of something you like ordinarily and that you should leave it as a hobby. However, I don’t think that. Since I’m doing something I like so much, I practice if I feel that I’m lacking, and I grow again through that. Furthermore, I’m doing something I like, but people like seeing that. I think that itself is really meaningful work.” V


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