BTS January 2022 VOGUE Korea Magazine Cover, “I’ve Developed The Ability To Think In Multisensory Dimensions, Such As Vision Or Touch” RM

“I can be honest about my emotions when it comes to the visual arts. Because with music, it can get hard if you start to feel jealous of other musicians. There are so many outstanding musicians, and there’s always an endless stream of new artists. And painters have such long careers. There are painters who hold their first exhibition when they’re 40, and there are painters who don’t sell a single work until they’re 60. But I debuted at 20, and I’m being told that I represent the nation at age 28, and I’m already being asked questions about what my next step is” RM

On whether to stick to music trends or not

“Because we live within trends, I’ve gotten used to going along with what’s fashionable at the time, but I don’t think I should live like that. I’m not sure what to do, but I want to produce something ‘long-lasting’ and ‘timeless.’ Now that it’s been been nearly nine years since I debuted as BTS, I’ve started thinking about that a lot” RM

“At times, representing the nation feels great, and at other times, it can be a lot of pressure,” he confessed. “What’s certain is that this role isn’t something we achieved because we sought it out, and it’s not something that goes away just because you want it to” RM


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