BTS January 2022 VOGUE Korea Magazine Cover, “I Was Charmed By Running Because I Like Running While Facing The Wind Without Any Thoughts” Jimin

“Two years was longer than I thought it would be. I haven’t lived long, but the only thing I’ve done until now is performing on stage. I worked passionately because I just wanted to be good at that, but since I couldn’t do that work, although I’m cautious about saying this I was sad because the days I had lived felt like they were being denied. I literally reached a plateau.” Jimin

On what the next move is

“We’re wondering if we should find something new or rearrange what we’ve done until now. Many concerns about what kind of music, style, and dance we should show get mixed up, so there’s a lot we have to solve. A lot of these concerns have come again, so I’m having fun” Jimin

 “I do cardio exercises every day, meet friends, and I live while being satisfied with that. These days, I run. At first, I felt like I was dying from just running 2.5 kilometers , but I’ve now come to run 8 kilometers . I was charmed by running because I like running while facing the wind without any thoughts. In the past, I was scared and didn’t like that I got a lot of thoughts when I was alone. However, now I think I need time alone, and running helps to empty my mind.” Jimin


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