BIGHIT Music Confirms BTS’ SUGA Has Finally Fully Recovered From COVID-19 

“SUGA has finally recovered from the corona virus! Great news that ARMY have been waiting to hear from the company. SUGA was diagnosed COVID-19 positive on 24th December when BIGHIT Music (BTS’ Label) released the statement. He later wrote on Weverse that he was doing okay and fans should not worry about him. On 3rd January the label shared a statement noting that SUGA was finally home with his family after being confirmed negative and is currently resting. The company wrote

Hello, this is BIGHIT Music.

We would like to inform you that BTS member SUGA has made a full recovery from COVID-19 and his quarantine has concluded as of today at noon, January 3.

SUGA who had been receiving treatment from home for the past ten days from Friday, December 24 is now able to return to his daily activities.

SUGA did not exhibit any particular symptoms during his quarantine and is currently recuperating while resting at home.

We would like to thank all fans who have shown concerns for the artist’s health as well as those in the medical field who are doing their best to overcome COVID-19.

We will continue to place the health of the artists as our top priority, and to vigilantly follow the healthcare guidelines.

Thank you.


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