Artist-made Collection By BTS ‘Making-of Log’ “I Hope You Love Both Designs” from Jin

“BTS Jin shared his entire process of coming up with the style, color, make and feel of his self designed merch. In the making of his pajama sets Jin put so much of his consideration towards the wearer, from considering the color to the materials being used, he wanted true warmth and comfort for the wearer of his pajama sets and pillows that will be used for a good night’s sleep. Jin is meticulous and thought out every detail of his pajama designs to guarantee comfort and fun too!

“I’ll go with pajamas and pillows. Pajamas and pillows. Going to sleep. It also means you’re ending your day. Pajamas that give you a warm hug and say ‘well done’ And a comfortable pillow that will help you have good dreams….The color of the pajamas? There’s lots of sky blue and blue here. Pajamas look nicer when they’re a brighter color. But if they’re too bright its more difficult to wash if you get a stain on it….” Jin

“I think people will try to be more kind so they can wear the Angel pajamas. When I was suffering from severe neck pain, I used this method and it really helped. It was slanted. I’m sure they’re scientifically designed. But I wonder why the end is slightly always higher. What I want is for the pillow to be like this and slant upwards” Jin

We all make plans in life. Was I satisfied with how I lived today? Or was I disappointed in the way I lived today? I think most people , a lot of people would want to be satisfied with their day. I came up with these designs today so that you can plan the day ahead to sleep in a more satisfying pajamas and pillow. But you know just because you’re wearing devil pajamas, it doesn’t mean that you’ve had a pathetic day so I hope you love both designs” Jin

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