BTS V Sold Out The $55 “Depuis Toujours Linen & Leather Brim Hat” He Wore During Jin’s Merch Showcase Causing It To Be Restocked

“When V appeared in Jin’s Artist-made collection for his pajamas, he was wearing a hat that immediately went out of stock after the vocalist was seen with it. They even wrote on their Instagram account about it with the picture of V wearing the hat. “We were pleasantly surprised yesterday to hear that Kim Tae-Hyung (thv) of the very famous (we learned) Korean pop band @bts.bighitofficial was spotted wearing one of our hats – the Linen & Leather Brim Hat in Blue on a show on Weverse called Artist Made Collection. Click the link in our bio to watch the full video and pre-order one for yourself today for delivery by February 2022”

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