BTS Jimin’s Fans Donate 10.13 Million Won ($8530) To Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation For Jimin’s “Promise” Song’s 3rd Year Anniversary

“Promise by Jimin was released on 31st December 2018 on SoundCloud. The song recently broke Soundcloud’s historical record by becoming the most streamed song on the platform to date. To celebrate the song’s anniversary, Jimin’s fanbase “All for Jimin” donated to the Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation in honor of the song’s 3rd year anniversary.

How Jimin announced the release of his solo song “Promise”

Everyone, you’ve waited a long time, right?” I finally shared my own song with the public. This is a song for me, as it is a song for you. It’s the first time and it is still premature but please enjoy it. Thank you for waiting, ARMY” Jimin

“Promise” is a song of comfort and the lyrics are completely uplifting so to share the love for this song through giving some comfort to those in need, the children whose lives are impacted positively by the leukemia foundation, is the perfect gift that will go a long way. Jimin as an artist and an individual is the most caring, understanding and full epitome of comfort so his fans are exuding that in everything good that they do by caring for others.


Listen to the beautiful song below

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