BTS SUGA’s January 2022 GQ Korea Magazine Cover + ALL HD Photos

“GQ: There is a relaxed and stable feeling without the emotional turbulence. What is the best way to keep the middle way calmly and alone?
SUGA: You just need to take a step back and watch the situation. Of course, there are moments when people become emotional and intense, but you can see it well when you wait for a moment and stand behind one step. When things get emotional, I just stop everything. I’m going to think about it for a moment. So I don’t think there’s anything to fight.

GQ: If there is a stage that appears in your dreams sometimes, what kind of scene would it be?

SUGA: The 2019 Seoul Final Concert is still vivid in front of my eyes. I also look for it sometimes. On the day I slept after watching the video, it always comes to me in my dreams

GQ: ‘SUGA’, ‘AGUST D’, and even ‘BY SUGA’. What is the percentage of Min Yoongi’s stake in each of these three?

SUGA: All three SUGAs are the same. Without saying which character is more similar to me, it really occupies a third of it. I’m just giving you options. All three are very different, so I made it so people can see what they want to see.

GQ: Are you still?

SUGA: Yes, I don’t listen to music unless I’m working. Keep it as far away as possible. I only find music when I need it. If you love too much, there will come a time when you have to give up because you love too much. You need to keep a certain distance so that the job can be done for a long time without being buried. So if you give too much meaning to it, it becomes difficult.


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