Glenstone Museum Thanks BTS’ RM For Visiting Their Museum While In The US

BTS RM’s IG post

“BTS members opened their individual INSTAGRAM accounts and among the active members is RM who has been blessing fans with his “Namjooning” taking us through the journey of visiting places like museums that he has been posting on his IG. One of the many places that he visited was the Glenstone Museum. Glenstone is a private contemporary art museum in Potomac, Maryland, 15 miles (24 km) from downtown Washington, D.C.

The museum’s exhibitions are drawn from a collection of about 1,300 works from post-World War II artists around the world. It is the largest private contemporary art museum in the United States, and is noted for its setting in a broad natural landscape.

On 11th December, Glenstone Museum posted on their Twitter page thanking RM for visiting them. They wrote

“A quick cross platform repost from EM of BTS, thank you so much for stopping by Glenstone yesterday, RM! We hope you enjoyed your visit!”

BTS RM’s posts on Instagram about his visit to Glenstone Museum

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