BTS’ “7 FATES CHAKHO” Instagram HD Photos Updates

“Fate each comes in different forms” the tagline on each of BTS’ photos on the official Instagram account for the Webtoons. 7 Fates CHAKHO is a BTS original webtoon and web novel currently in development with a release scheduled for 2022. HYBE announced the webtoon and novel in their corporate briefing released on November 4 on YouTube. The webtoons are created in collaboration with Naver Webtoon and will also be available as web novels on the popular reading platform, Wattpad.

The series will feature the seven BTS members as characters who come together to save the city from monsters. It is an urban fantasy story inspired by a community of tiger or bear hunters in the Joseon Dynasty called chakhogapsa. It will feature urban legends such as goblins and bulgasalyi or bulgasari (unusual hybrid of monsters who are ‘impossible to kill’

BTS talking about the Webtoon series last November

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