BTS Jin’s “Epiphany” Surpassed 100 Million Views

“Epiphany” Comeback trailer by BTS’ Jin surpassed 100 million views on Youtube with 6 million likes and 1.1 million likes. The song becomes’ BTS’s fifth comeback trailer to hit 100 million joining V’ “Singularity,” Jimin’s “Serendipity,” j-hope’s “Outro : Ego,” and SUGA’s “Interlude : Shadow”

Epiphany will remain special in many hearts. The song talks about self love “I’m the one I should love, in this world” the lyrics point out. Loving others really starts by loving oneself. This song is great when you need reassurance that it is not wrong to put yourself first and be inportant first. You cannot love anyone else at least not completely if you have no love for yourself

“Epiphany” is for tough days that come often but knowing that tomorrow will be better. There’s someone out there worth fighting for and that person is yourself.


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