BTS’ Jimin Celebrated His 2021 Birthday With ARMY & Was Joined By JungKook and j-hope

“Jimin shared his birthday with ARMY when he went on VLive to chat with the fans. A birthday VLive is always expected from the members whenever they have a birthday. All the members have birthday VLive and talk about many topics, answer fans questions among other things. We have had VLive from the other members as well Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, JungKook shared their birthdays with ARMY too on their special days. Jimin started his VLive by showing fans his birthday cake with the word “Filter” on it then sand a happy birthday song together with the background song of the Korean version birthday song. JungKook showed up at his VLive then later on j-hope joined in sang happy birthday and the two of them left for Jimin to finish his birthday log.

Jimin singing the birthday song

Some of the things that Jimin talked about

 “I’m truly thankful everyone, thank you, oh. to be honest, until last week i forgot that it was my birthday. I’m not really the type to keep up with my birthday but my members and my friends told me ‘happy birthday’ so I realized then”

“I’ve just been growing out my hair without much though. the concert is coming up, isn’t it? so I’ve got to clean it up, because it’s too long.”

“There’s two reasons. my birthday didn’t feel like a big thing but because I can come see you guys like this and two, I feel the thankfulness for all your congratulations so I think these things made it special”

“when I’m with my friends, we include the word ‘ARMY’ a lot. if I joke around they say ‘you’re going to get in trouble with ARMY for doing that’ and we joke around like that”

“I think it might be because I’m young but I’m finding out the preciousness of family and these emotions late”

“I shouldn’t be so awkward every time I come. I don’t know everything you’ve told me or all the congratulations but the staff have told me ‘army said this and they’ve given these kinds of congratulations’”

“Playing with fire is dangerous so please don’t do it if you’re young. setting candles on fire is an adults job. why isn’t this working. it seems as if I’m not an adult yet… <lights up> in all grown up”

“Talking about not being prepared and not looking good> my hair is wet so I just tied it up, I ask for your understanding. I didn’t put in my contact lenses so I can’t see in front of me well. I also haven’t gotten braces yet.”

Jimin thanked ARMYs parents just like ARMYs thank his parents. Jimin said he has to go because his parents are waiting for him. He said he will post later his Selca (he didn’t specify the platform or we didn’t catch it).

Unforgetable moments from the VLIVE


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