What Are The Harsh Truths About BTS That Every ARMY Will Have To Accept In Future? – ARMY TALKS

“BTS are undoubtedly the biggest band in the world right now and with reason. The seven members Jin, SUGA, j-hope, RM, Jimin, V and JungKook have shown the world that hard work, persistence, hope and trust in the right people can indeed change the world. The seven men all with different dreams and goals in life came together for their love of music in various ways, be it music in dance, music in rap, music in producing, they all loved music and they trusted a company that had little to offer but belief in their talent and future. BTS are human at the end of the day, as bug as they have become they have maintained their humble and respectful nature that has shone through over the years.

As they have grown, their true nature and characters have evolved, their beliefs have probably changes and their world views have changed too. The one thing that has remained constant is their love for their fans who have reciprocated the love because they have stayed with them from the beginning.

It is true that ARMY have placed the boys on a pedestal in varying degrees and there are some facts that are bitter pills and would lead to war if they are even whispered. BTS’ relationships especially outside their brotherhood is a very sensitive subject that some ARMY would rather not have that conversation. As I was scrolling through the net I came across this article, that tried to give some facts that fans would have a hard time accepting.

Are you ready to hear some facts about BTS that may be harsh to swallow? Read on. These are just personal opinions and you may have similar or different opinions, nothing is personal and may just be by purely observation, so leave your comments on whether you agree or disagree with the points.

All of them are not necessarily harsh but are truth for sure


They are gonna disband one day

  • Every single group will disband one day no matter how popular it is so just enjoy their music while they are still making it.
  • They might disband sooner than everyone expects if the hate train doesn’t slows down


Your ships are most likely not gonna come true

  • Ships like Vkook, Jikook and many others are most likely to stay only ships. They are not gonna marry each other and shipping to extreme will make them uncomfortable.
  • They are good friends and armys should respect and value their friendship instead of romantically shipping them to extreme.
BTS Jimin


They will eventually lose popularity

  • No matter how hard you try their popularity will start degrading after some years as new group will eventually gain attention and popularity.
  • Nobody thought a decade ago that there will be a group more popular than big bang but here we are.
  • They will eventually be forgotten with time and that’s the truth.
BTS Jungkook


They will eventually marry and settle down

  • This a hard to swallow fact for all armys who ship them with themselves
  • They are not gonna marry you and you should respect it instead of doing shit like cut for kookie
  • They are grown ass men, they smoke, they drink, what makes you think that they will stay alone forever?


Some of them might develop mental illness

  • I really wish I am wrong with this one but I think with the amount of pressure they are dealing with every day it will be miraculous if they stay mentally healthy.
  • The amount of hate the boys are getting might result in a mental illness.
  • V seems off these days but again just not smiling doesn’t mean that someone is sick.
BTS j-hope


They have changed a lot and will continue changing

  • They grew up and matured a lot
  • I kinda miss the old playful, happier bts but we can’t ignore the fact that this life changed them completely


They do not define kpop

  • You cannot say that you are a kpop fan just because you like bts because they do not define kpop
  • Suga saying bts is different doesn’t makes them a separate genre


They paved the way but not in every single aspect

  • We are talking about who paved the way for INDUSTRY and keep in mind that making kpop famous in us doesn’t means that they paved the way for entire industry.
  • They directly paved way for txt but not for other groups like nct
BTS covers WSJ Magazine


They are hiding a lot of things from us

  • They get annoyed with us, they feel alone, they date, they think of disbanding and we don’t know about any of it.
  • We will never know what’s happening off stage and rightfully so because they are humans not puppets


When they say they love armys they don’t mean that they individually love you

  • They don’t even know you exist. They are just trained to mention their fans in their every achievement to appear humble.
  • They get annoyed from armys, they hate saesangs, they hate akgaes, they hate obsessive fans, there is no way they love entire of the fandom.
  • Not every love song they make is about you


Most of their shows and lives are scripted

  • Most of the things they do are staged and they are most likely different from how they act in front of camera



Comments on the post

  1. They will 99.9999999999999 percent not marry/date you. When I was 11 I actually thought I had a chance marrying the BTS members (Which now I think Im an idiot for) and I fought over the members with my friends. Sadly, they live half the world away from me and are 10+ years older than me. I, and a TON of other people will not marry them. The members of BTS will very likely settle with a Korean in their age group. No matter how hard you love BTS, you are still only a fan (I know, sad truth). Plz accept that.

2. BTS is going to disband. I know that this is really sad and a lot of ARMYs aren’t accepting this, but it’s the bitter truth no matter how we try to lie to ourselves. As the members are getting older, they have to go enlist in the military or just go on with their personal lives. Every band is going to disband at some point and BTS is no exception. They’ve given us 7 years of memories and happiness and I’m sure some of them are pretty tired with this idol life already. They all have bright futures in front of them no matter what they choose to do.

3. The ships in BTS are not going to come true, either. While it’s fun to imagine, I’m pretty sure the BTS members see each other as brothers/friends, and not romantic interests. So please do not be surprised that in the future they do not marry each other.

4. BTS’s popularity is going to go down sooner or later. While they are truly a legendary band, and possibly the most popular boyband in the world, their popularity can’t be immense forever. Their popularity has already peaked and they have enough fans all around the world. When they disband/enlist, a lot of other companies will try to get their bands to be more popular, and even though a lot of ARMYs have promised to wait for BTS to come back, they could lose interest or whatnot. As Jimin in BTS has said: “Every good thing, no matter what, is bound to end one day.”

5. They will die one day. Each of the members have already fulfilled their dreams and made beautiful music. Although it’s really sad to think about, everyone ages and the members are not immortal. They will eventually reach their golden years and pass away.

These are some hard to swallow facts, and I almost teared up writing this, but I hope you enjoyed reading!

~Daphne xoxo

Eventually, they will have to disband. I’m not saying that it will be anytime soon, but eventually, it will have to happen. Every band has to do it at some point. I know we all don’t like thinking about it, but guess what? Their music will still be there even if they’re not. It may not feel the same, without all the tours & shows, but think about the Beatles for a sec. They disbanded a long time ago, but hundreds & hundreds of people still listen to them, including myself.

Hope this helped! Purple you all.

~June 💜

Just like as many will say, that one day they will disband. Well, I still being a fan of the kpop, I hate the idea of disbanding or just leaving, kpop was introduced to me at a time when I was literally going through a lot.

Also, the truth that one day we all will stop listening to them cause maybe someone will be going away first.(sorry to say this, but we all will die one day and it stops that day that all is gone)

  • Delvina

What was your harded fact to swallow and what more facts do you have that you can share?

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