Will BTS JungKook Produce A New Golden Closet Film (G.C.F) While In New York? Here’s Why ARMY is Excited

ARMY always have something to be excited about and always notice the small details. BTS left for New York in preparation for their UN Speech and as they left keen eyed fans noticed JungKook’s bag. Its just a bag but a fan zoomed in on the bag and and excitedly asked “jungkook big bag = camera equipment = gcf in new york pt 2” ARMY are the biggest theorists and most times their theories turn out true so we wait to see if we will get another G.C.F from New York. I’m sure their schedule is tight and they will be busy but a few minutes of content from JungKook will be exciting and unexpected but expected.

Golden Closet Films or G.C.F. is a series of travel videos or vlog-style videos that feature most BTS members. The name of the series Golden Closet is derived from Jungkook’s Golden Maknae a pet name from ARMY. Maknae means youngest member in a group in South Korea, while Golden is because JungKook is multi-talented. The films are JungKook’s original production which he shoots and edits these videos on his own. Here is the list of JungKook’s G.C.F so far. English subtitles Newark VHS ver.

G.C.F in Tokyo

BTS’s Jungkook’s first G.C.F. video was released in 2017. The video featured moments from the personal trip that Jungkook took along with Jimin. The video had several shots of Tokyo.

G.C.F in Helsinki

The last G.C.F video was released by BTS’ Jungkook in December 2019. This featured all the members of the group posing for a photoshoot. The video was shot in Helsinki.

G.C.F in Osaka

G.C.F. in Osaka released in April 2018. The video featured all the members of BTS seen enjoying the city like non celebrities just taking in the city views and locations

G.C.F in USA

In G.C.F in U.S.A. the video featured all the members. It covered behind the scenes of their journey for the first nationally televised K-pop performance at the American Music Awards in the U.S.A. In the video, BTS is seen enjoying their time before and after the show.

G.C.F in Newark VHS version

G.C.F. in Newark VHS version is a combination of footage from their preparation for a concert. Jungkook reportedly shot the entire video on his phone using an application known as the VHS Camcorder. This video is a series of BTS members practising.

G.C.F in Saipan

G.C.F. in Saipan was shot while the group was shooting their Season’s Greetings in 2018. The scenic video covers the beautiful sites of Saipan as well as the antics of the BTS members.

G.C.F. 2018 for Melon Music Awards

G.C.F. 2018 for Melon Music Awards practice showcases j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook in the practice studio with a black and white background and amazing video effects. The video has an interesting background track namely Under Pressure by Alex Lustig.

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