BTS Talk Being Global, Why Permission To Dance Challenge Was Important & Why Everyone Can Dance With Chris Martin

“The much awaited interview by Chris Martin with BTS finally happened and the two artists had a deep talk about being starts, in the limelight and how the bigger you get the more you realize that you are just a part of the bigger picture that takes many people to create. BTS also talked with Chris Martin about their latest song “Permission to Dance” and how it has impacted the world and brought so many people from all different walks of life. One particular clip got all of them emotional just seeing how much the song has touched people. Watch the full interview

Some comments from the video from those who watched the interview

“It is true that the world needs to get better and every act of kindness and happiness has the power to change the world. Can you imagine being in their shoes realizing that every little thing you do has a global impact? You might not like their songs or their style or whatever but you should definitely respect the fact that they are trying to use their influence to brighten up the world with their music. And they are still not even in their 30s! Much respect and congrats for your hard work and well deserved success! Keep shining & have loving people around you…cause you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders!”

This is the best interview ever, I love how Chris was not a professional interviewer but he was able to ask them questions which they were really comfortable with”

“I think the reason why Chris was able to do this so seamlessly was because he’s been in their position, and knows exactly what offends and what lifts up someone during an interview. I am just beyond happy.”

“The interview was more like a conversation between friends sharing profound thoughts feelings and intentions as great artists not only among themselves but sharing everything with the world. Respect and admiration for Chris for being selfless and humble for openly acknowledging BTS”

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