Dear JungKook, These Are Your 2021 Birthday Wishes From ARMY, “Happy Birthday JungKook”

As 1st September wraps up and JungKook’s birthday comes to an end, we know we are lucky that this man was born, because without him, BTS would be incomplete. He is the sweetest and kindest human that loves ARMY with all his heart and we can only pray that he lives a happy healthy life that makes him content with his life, career and dreams.

“Its 9th birthday that I’m celebrating with ARMY! Thank you to everyone for sending so many wishes ♡ I hope I can also celebrate my 10th birthday, & again 20th & 30th with ARMY as BTS Jungkook” JungKook

BTS ARMY have some sentimental beautiful birthday messages for JungKook

My last birthday post for my fav boi with some of my fav pics of this sweet angel. Happy birthday once again. Hope you’ve had an amazing day and please continue to stay happy cuz your smile truly brightens up the whole universe. Saranghaeyo jeon jungkook”

“Can’t love you more. There’s only few hours left the day will come to an end when the worlds most talented and humble human born”

“Jeon Jungkook Happy birthday to you. May God bless you. I hope your special day will brings you a lot of happiness,l ove and fun. You deserve them a lot. Wishing you a never-ending pattern of peace and joy. Your smile give me strength and hope stay safe and healthy”

“Happy 24th birthday Jeon Jungkook May all your wishes come true!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for inspiring us.ARMYS will always love and support u.We love you kookiee happy happy birthday

“Hope all your wishes comes true. I know one of your wishes is to see ARMY’s soon. We feel the same way. We are always here for you. Happy BirthdayJungkook. The flowers will bloom & spring will be here soon to see each other again”

“Happy Birthday JEON JUNGKOOK Happy birthday to you, a great person. Someone who can really make me always laugh. Keep on laughing for all army, the army really likes your happiness. Best wishes for you Jeon Jungkook, love you”

Birthdays are those where we ask for our own wishes to fulfill and receive gifts but Jungkook really fulfilled millions of Army‘s wishes by giving the live songs we wanted for soo long plus a song gift of Army‘s lyrics.. I love him so much”

“Dearest Jungkook, Happy birthday!! I’m blown away by your beauty, your humility, and your love for your hyungs and for army. I made my wishes for you as I pressed send on this tweet!”

“HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this precious and amazing man that i know .. you deserved all the love.. thank you so much for having a good heart and giving love to us ARMY.. may all your wishes came true.. ILYSM”

Thank you for today! thank you for expressing your love to all army‘s by staying this late to sing a song that we’re requesting, ’till the next live again! I love you Jung kook you’re always appreciated. Wishing all your wishes come true”

“i cannot believe jungkook is really trying to make a song out of the birthday wishes he got form army’s.. like he’s singing this for us.. it makes me so emotional he always wants to return the love my sweetest angel”

Happy birthdayjungkook. Love you so much. You deserve everything. You are the best. I hope ill meet any time in my life. I pray to God that all your wishes comes true. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be an army. Love you so much. Thanks for being born.”

“Happy birthday JK thank you for giving ARMY so much love .. My best wishes for you, we love you to infinity and beyond .. enjoy your day to the fullest as much as you like”

“Happy 24th BirthdayJungkook young man from a Noona Army in England. Very best wishesfor a ‘cool’ day with all who are closest to you my lovely. Stay strong, carefree and cheeky. U deserve the world, (and a grammy!) Keep shining but mostly, keep being you. Take care”

“Happy Birthday Jungkook!!! Thank you for gifting us that brilliant VLive! I hope you felt the love from all the 20 Million viewers. You deserve the world as you light up our lives with your beautiful voice and I hope that all your wishes come true”

Jungkook, your’re always making sure you’re able to give back and convey your love forarmys. I wish you all the happiness in life and hoping all your wishes will come true. Happiest birthday to you Thank you so much for celebrating your birthday with us. Love you, always”

Jungkook, could we love you any more!! You gave us a selca, created a song with Army,with your beautiful voice, ate your birthday cake. You made time for us on your special day! The world loves you! May all your wishes and dreams come true! Happy Birthday our Golden Maknae!”

“happy birthday jungkook ! you are loved and deserve so much happiness, thank you for everything & hope all your bday wishes come true ! we, armys loves u so much”

“Happy Birthday Jungkook . Thankyou for spending more than 2 hours with us on your birthday. I love you. I missing you again . I hope all your wishes comes true. Stay happy JK. Your happiness means everything to me”

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