“The Math Behind Ho-Seok’s Dance” Why BTS’ j-hope Is The World’s Greatest Dancer Of All Time

“Jung Ho-Seok or simply j-hope is the world’s best dancer, according to dancers, professionals and anyone who has an eye for dance really. His body was made to dance because the way he moves, there’s a fluidity to his movements. He has a rich knowledge of several dance styles. During interviews you will find him breaking into a dance or two, he knows music probably like the back of his hand. Watching j-hope dance is like watching a movie story line unfold, from the beginning to the end, you will remain glued and in awe at how he uses his whole body to dance. No part of his body is left out each time the BTS rapper dances. In his solo “Boy Meets Evil” and the “2018 MMA Solo Idol Intro” performances you really get to see the full effect of his incredible performance.

Before debuting with BTS, j-hope was part of the underground dance team Neuron and took dance classes at Gwangju Music Academy for six years. j-hope has been well known for his skills in dance prior to his debut as he won various local prizes for dance, including placing first in a national dance competition in 2008. He had the most liked tweet in the world for 2018 when he posted the “In My Feelings Challenge“.

Twiter user and BTS’ ARMY, ArmyTutorMath has used Math to describe j-hope’s dance that will make you appreciate the hrad work that j-ope puts in every performance and leave you awed at how good the rapper it

j-hope 2018 MMA solo performance

Geometry” in Dance It’s the study of shapes, angles, and lines. Dancers make use of geometry to create a better dance.

“Shapes:” Hobi uses them to improve his performance and make them visually appealing. Here, his legs and the floor form a rectangle, meaning that the thighs are parallel to the floor and the shins are perpendicular to the floor.

His arms form a V-shape so that drawing an imaginary line connecting his palms forms a triangle. On the second, his legs form an upside-down V-shape, where the third side of the triangle is an imaginary line on the floor

“Angles:” Dancers need to focus on them to make correct shapes. An angle is the space between two intersecting lines at the point where they meet. Below, Hoseok forms 6 angles with his body:

Here, Hoseok’s arms are forming a V shape backward. Each of his arms forms an acute angle with his back. We can find the same case with his legs, that also form a V shape downward.

In the first case, there are 3 clear angles (one at his elbow and two at his wrists). All of them seem like right angles.

In the second case, there are also 3 angles: 1 acute (right elbow), 1 right (left elbow), and 1 obtuse (left wrist).

“Symmetry:” The human’s body is symmetrical: the left and the right sides of his/her body are mirror images of one another. When watching a beautifully choreographed dance, you’ll notice the use of the symmetry, both of an individual dancer, and in that of a group.

“Reflection:” Here there is an imaginary line traced between the dancers, a “mirror”. The same dance move is reflected on both sides.

“Translation:” If we ask BTS to perform the same movement at the same time, we introduce a translation of that pose. This part of IDOL is a great example of it!

“Lines:” Dancers use their bodies to create straight and curved lines.

Straight Lines: In the first picture, Hoseok formed a straight line with his entire body,

whereas on the second, he did it only with his arms.

Curve Lines: Here, Hobi is forming a curve line with this arms and at the same time with his spine and legs.

Algebra in Dance Dancers must constantly be counting their steps in order to keep time with the music. Hobi is an exception since he has his own counting system: “PA PA PA”

Explanation by https://twitter.com/ArmyTutorMath


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