ARMYs React To BTS SUGA’s Recent Copyright Strike On His Latest Selca On Twitter

“SUGA of BTS posted a Selca (selfie) on their official twitter handle with the caption “Pink Pink” a few hours later fans notices that the photo has a copyroght strike notice stating “Image has been removed in response from the copyright holder” The worst thing that can happen to a Twitter user is receiving a copyright strike which in turn may cause your account to be suspended or worse deleted!

This is especially devastating if you have had the account for a long period and have amassed thousands or milions of followers, the hard work and all the content that goes towards maintaing an account is is not easy so being taken down can cause a lot of distress when that work is shut down all of a sudden.

Most ARMY were wondering how the photo could have a copyright strike when it is SUGA who took the selfie and has posted on Their own account. Some concluded that Twitter might have been confused with all the pink layout. Either way the are requesting Twitter to return our bubblegum haired Yoongi that they had been waiting for a very long time!

BTS’ Twitter account

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