BTS Jungkook’s Largest Chinese Fanbase Donated To 7 Charity Organizations In Honor Of The Vocalist’s Upcoming September Birthday

“September 1st BTS’ JungKook will be turning a year older (24 international age) his fans from around the world have been preparing for the big event with several projects. Among such projects are donating to charity organizations. JungKook has one of the biggest Chinese fanbase that is always involved in huge projects for the BTS member’s birthdays, anniversaries or individual projects. JungKook CHINA made its donations to 7 different charity organizations in honor of JungKook to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

Jungkook CHINA donated to 7 Charity Organizations, which include “Child Protection,” “Stand By Her,” “Mobile COVID Testing Lab,” “Help Impoverished Mothers,” “Stray Pets Rescue,” and “Sichuan Flood Relief & Child Abduction Prevention.

“We donated 10,000RMB to each carefully selected charity organization, to a total of 70,000RMB. Sharing our love across the nation” JungKook CHINA

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