#ARMYWillWaitForBTS #StillWishingForMoreGoodDays Trends As Comfort for ARMYs After BTS’ Cancellation Of Their Scheduled Map Of The Soul Tour

“Soon after it was announced that the planned “Map Of The Soul Tour” had been officially cancelled, ARMY took to twitter to console each other and ended up trending “#ARMYWillWaitForBTS” #StillWishingForMoreGoodDays” “#WeBelievInOneTwoThree” “SEVEN WITH YOU” and “MOTS” The Map Of The Soul Tour had been scheduled last year 2020 but had to be cancelled due to Covid -19 pandemic. There had been plans to hold it this year but it was officially cancelled until further notice. As sad as ARMY was, they were comforted in the fact that they will wait for BTS no matter how long it takes for them to meet in concert again.

Still wishing for more good days is BTS track also title 2!3!

BTS as a Love Yourself Concert


Still Wishing For More Good Days

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