“JIMIN VLIVE” & “Young Forever” Currently Trending Worldwide After BTS’ Jimin Promises To Be on VLive Soon, Sleep Is Overrated ARMY Decides

BTS’ Jimin

Jimin took over twitter trends after his series of Weverse posts, where he wrote that he was listening to their song “Young Forever” He also chatted with a few lucky fans who got their questions answered and Jimin also gave some advice. BTS members have had a series of VLive sessions, RM, SUGA, V, jhope and Jung Kook had been on the VLive App chatting with ARMY, the only members whom ARMY is waiting for are Jimin and Jin.

Fans may get that desire fulfilled because Jimin promised that he would appear on VLive soon

Jimin shared that he was listening to “Young Forever” which is one of their songs

“I’m listening to young forever” Jimin on Weverse

Jimin has always had a series of VLIVES titled “I’m here

August 2019

October 2019

March 2020

October 2020

JIMIN VLIVE” and “Jimin vlive soon” currently trending worldwide in anticipation of BTS’ vocalist Jimin. Other keywords trending included “JIMIN ON WEVERSE” “JIMIN I LOVE YOU” “OUR HAPPINESS JIMIN” Jimin is also trending at #1 on Twipple Japan

Some of the conversations Jimin had on Weverse chatting with fans

ARMY is excited over Jimin coming to VLIVE and chatting with them

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