American Singer-songwriter & Composer Billy Joel Reacts To BTS’ V Mentioning Him In an Interview

“BTS’ V talked about where he found his inspiration when he was preparing for their song “Butter” and he mentione Billy Joel and spoke of the movies he also watched which enabled him to get the feel and look of what he wanted to convey at the end.

Billy Joel is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. He is nicknamed the “Piano Man” after his first major hit and signature song of the same name. He has released 12 studio albums from 1971 to 1993 as well as one studio album in 2001. He is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, as well as the seventh-best-selling recording artist and the fourth-best-selling solo artist in the United States, with over 150 million records sold worldwide.

BTS V’s interview with Weverse

You said that you got inspiration from artists of the past like Sammy Davis Jr. for your performance in “Dynamite.” Was there any artist who inspired you for “Butter”?

V: Well, there was Billy Joel. When I shoot a music video, I think of a movie more than any one artist. And when I perform on stage, for some songs I think of the way movies like Reservoir Dogs look. For “Butter,” I watched a lot of teen movies. And musicals. After that I randomly ended up seeing a video on YouTube of some scenes from an old teen movie Johnny Depp did [which turned out to be the movie Cry-Baby]. The image I got from that was really intense. That’s the look I used in “Butter.” Weverse Magazine

Billy Joel in response to reading about V mentioning him, he proceeded to retweet 2 articles that talked about V mentioning him in the interview

Billy Joel received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Syracuse University , 2006. December 12, 2011, Joel became the first non-classical musician honored with a portrait in Steinway Hall. 

We are happy to see the world’s greatest band be inspired by the world’s greatest artist!!

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