We finally Got To See BTS’ Rapline Studios in HYBE & They Perfectly Match Each Of Their Personalities

“SUGA, RM and j-hope, BTS’ rapline, recently had VLive sessions and chatted with ARMY. The lives were in their new building HYBE and as much as fans were excited to finally see them go live, the one thing that they tool notice of was the backgrounds of the rooms they were in, their studios. SUGA (Genius Lab) studio, RM (Rkive) studio and j-hope (Hope World) studio.

BTS’ Rapline, SUGA, RM and j-hope have always been involved in producing many of BTS and their solo songs and albums. Their studios have been part of the things that they treasure the most as that is the space that they can truly express themselves and give the fans amazing lyrics and music that impact as greatly as it inspires and entertains.

Over the years we have seen all their studios transform and be upgraded to what they are now in the new HYBE building. SUGA was so excited to get new speakers he shared on twitter like he always does whenever he gets new equipment. j-hope revealed that when he saw SUGA’s post about his speakers, he also went and got himself some speakers.

SUGA’s studio before and after

SUGA’s studio at old building
SUGA’s studio now at HYBE

BTS RM’ studio before and after

RM’s studio in old building
RM’s studio now at HYBE

j-hope’s studio before and after

j-hope’ studio in the old building
J-hope’s studio now at HYBE

All three studios, “Rkive” “Genius Lab” and “Hope World” have undergone various changes from the first time the rappers used them in thier older buildings to how they look like at HYBE.

The studios represent each of the rappers personality and when you listen to their music individually, you have a feel of how working in those studios have a sort of influence on the lyrics.

SUGA’s “Genius Lab” studio is moody dark and filled with equipment, the bit that we have seen since the rapper said in his Vlive that he is still arranging it. His studio is sort of vibing with minimalism and is neatly arranged, everything its place sort of way. In his old studio, at some point he had a life size figure of the legendary basket ball player Micheal Jordan. He doesn’t have any art work on his walls or figurines or photos, which gives you the feeling that for him, the studio is a place for work, work and more work, no wonder he writes 200-300 songs in a 365 days year!

RM’s “Rkive” studio has an earthy tone with shades of brown and orange with a little pop of color from the lighting. The studio is filled with his favourite things, art, wood, figurines, the new studio however has few figurines as compared to his older studio which had a whole display cabinet of the figurines. The presence of art work and sentimental items like the group photo and concert photo shows that for the rapper his studio is not just a place to work but also to chill and reminisce on good memories. His aesthetics are: family (BTS members), kaws, wood art, and plants.

j-hope’s “Hope World” studio has gotten a lot bolder with the red colored walls. The studio is still playfull and light like the owner himself, his Kaws figurines take prominent space against the wall and his large ‘Supreme’ board leaning against the wall features in the new studio just like the old studio. The rapper’s studio is warm and spacious which gives him the chance to dance around which I can bet he most definitely will in the near future!

We love the new studios at HYBE and cannot wait to hear some grand record breaking lyrics being churned from those spaces, cheers to “Genius Lab” “Rkive” and “Hope World” studios!!

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