ARMY’s “namjoon is your boyfriend” and “he’s waiting for you” povs Photo That Went Viral Included in “Permission to Dance” Anywhere

Does BTS have a secret stan tweet account? Question on every ARMY’s mind, everytime they notice something in BTS’ content that has originated from the fans. BTS recently released “Permission to Dance” anywhere, where the members are showcasing different locations, adding moments, places, memories and pictures while dancing to their new Billboard hit song.

There were so many shots that ARMY recognized but the biggest surprise was the “namjoon boyfriend” picture that had gone viral with fans writting several povs out of the picture especially ones where Namjoon is your boyfriend and he’s waiting for you.

BTS have proved time amd again that they know what ARMY is doing online. In a RUN BTS episode they had to search clues from dozens of pictures online and they discovered that fans screen shot a lot of their pictures and create memes which they themselves (specifically j-hope and RM) post back on weverse. RM knew of his nickname when he started exercising and started bulking up though he said his friend informes him of trends on twitter.

Here are our favourite “namjoon is waiting for you” povs

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