210718 Namjoon On Weverse, TMI Of The Day, Dinner Recommendation & Marriage Proposal

Namjoon aka Rapper RM gave us a sneak peak into what he is eating, TMI of the day and how he loves his coffee. Weverse is the place where BTS and ATRMY get to have candid conversations and the fans get responses from the mega superstars. Fans don’t usually get to interact with BTS on a one on one basis especially no that there is Covid 19 necessitating social distancing, so Weverse gives them that opportunity.

BTS members love to come to Weverse from time to time and chat with their beloved fans, the lucky few who get their questions, art, comments responded to by any member are usually excited and it makes their day. BTS seem to be more open and even vulnerable when they are on Weverse because there are no rules, they can just answer however they want to whomever they want

On 18th July, RM was having blast chatting with fans as he answered over five fans questions, comments and even a fan’s art of RM’s BT21 character.

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