When BTS’ j-hope Protected RM From Exhaustion and Why He Is The Second Leader Of BTS

When BTS started attending American interviews it was rapper, producer RM who was tasked with interpreting most of the interviews from English to Korean and Korean to English every single time. It is outstanding and sometines unbelievable to imagine the number of interviews that BTS attended and all of them it was RM who interpreted on both ends.

As with promotions, BTS attends dozen of interviews and I can imagine in one day, they did several of them. It is physically and mentally draining to just attend a single interview and have to talk throughout, now imagine doing even just six interviews back to back! No wonder RM is a leader, he is a natural leader who is empathetic and loves to make sure that everyone around him is comfortable

In one of those interviews with Radio.com, the interviewer asked a question and RM was interpreting it. As RM was trying to interpret you could visibly see that at some point the words just failed him and he stopped.

BTS’ j-hope was sitting right next to him and he saw RM struggling, he motioned to the interpreter to interpret and you could see he was mad seeing how RM was struggling obviously exhausted from having to interpret at so many interviews

j-hope then went ahead and took the microphone from RM’s hand agitated, just to make sure that RM did not continue to interpret. They probably had had a long day of interviews and j-hope saw how extremly exhausted his fellow rapper and BTS member was.

The full interview

BTS members are always supportive of each other and j-hope has showed time and again how he puts everyone first, whether it be the members, staff or even fans.

j-hope: “Of course I want to speak English well, and there’s a reason. As we’re staying in the US, Namjoon speaks in English for all of us so, to lessen his burden, I try to help him. I’m just trying hard to help him. He also gives us chances to speak in English so, well… as Namjoon does all the things, it must be difficult for him, right? So trying to lessen his burden, I ask him how to say what I want to say in English. Sometimes I use the translation App

BTS’ j-hope and RM

j-hope is always known as sunshine Hobi because of his bubbly personality and fun attititude. But when it comes to his brothers in BTS, he turns into protective Ho-seok who would do anything for them.

During one of their documentary series, the members were talking about their debut days. j-hope started talking about how he was ready to leave and was actually leaving the company, but he said that he came back because he trusted the other members.

On the other hand RM said that he talked and convinced the Company (BigHit) that they could not be complete as BTS without j-hope, they needed him to be part of the team. j-hope is an integral part of BTS and its unimaginable without him.

RM and j-hope’s friendhip and relationship is that of respect, love and giving. j-hope was the third member to join Big Hit, now HYBE, and so their beautiful friendhip has been existing for close to 10 years

We love their beautiful relationship. BTS have always respected j-hope and admired his character. In a RUN BTS episode the members all agreed that j-hope’s flaw is that he has no flaws.

RM: “I always envy you. You’re always the most profesional member in our team. You’re stable. I think thats the quality an entertainer should have. I’m not sure what you think but you play a major role in building the mood of our group. To be honest you take care of the stuff I sometimes miss though I am the leader, you’re there for moral support

V: “I think since 3 years ago I matured up a little. I worked very hard to be praised by j-hope, to get praised whenever I do something, but I felt bad when he didn’t get it. I wanted to get close to him and get praised from him by asking those questions. But I felt bad when he didn’t see that….there’s no one like Hobi hyung who will cheer the members up whenever they are tired”

Jimin:“He’s been our pillar since way back, a pillar holding up other pillars. Hobi hyung is a necessary member in our group. Everyone has harsh times when they feel down, but he thinks about the members first before himself…”

SUGA: “j-hope is a positive person, so he creates a plus factor in our team

Jin: “j-hope has…. a amazing leadership. He thinks of what to do to bring this team together as one. I respect him so much and am very grateful

Jung Kook: “If RM is a leader, Hobi hyung is like BTS’ pillar. He’s very gentle and takes good care of us, he’s like that. He has his own thoughts. He knows what he wants and he has the power to achieve it. He’s such a cool person


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