BTS Are Smooth “Criminals” in New “Butter” Music Video, Here are The Crimes They Are Accused Of

Twitter/ @bunjkay

BTS just released their new single “Butter” and it has come with a whole lot of visuals that our hearts refuse to handle.

In the music video BTS are seen holding signs and then taking mug shots, and as you know ARMY is one creative fandom that never ceases to amaze! One twitter user @bunjkay decided to state the crimes that the 7 Bangtan members have committed. And the hilarious crimes were spot of for each member.

Generally BTS have always committed the crimes of being heart stopping beautiful and sentenced to being good looking for life but, more crimes were committed today!

BTS RM’s crime

Name: Kim Namjoon

Crime: Rode a bike on the sidewalk not the designated bike lane

BTS SUGA’s crime

Name: Min Yoon-gi

Crime: Claimed to be a licensed therapist and offered services for free because “fuck capitalism” but is unlicensed… patients had only good things to say

BTS Jin’s crime

Name: Kim Seok-jin

Crime: Continuously showed up uninvited to modeling gigs to “show them how its done” unprovoked

BTS j-hope’s crime

Name: Jung Ho-Seok

Crime: jaywalking

BTS V’s crime

Name: Kim Tae-Hyung

Crime: Hiding in an art museum after hours to appreciate the art without distractions

BTS Jimin’s crime

Name: Park Jimin

Crime: Snuck a five course meal and wine pairings into the movie theater

BTS Jungkook’s crime

Name: Jeon Jungkook

Crime: Broke into the animal shelter to pet the dogs at night because he was worried they would get lonely

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