Delixir’s First Restock of The “Whale Tale Necklace” BTS’ Jungkook Wore During a RUN BTS Episode Sells Out In Just 2 hours!

BTS’ Jung Kook is selling out items even long after being seen wearing them! Delixir Official tweeted their 1st Restock of the ‘Whale Tale Necklace’ is Sold Out (after just 1- 2 hours)

Jungkook has worn Delixir’s “Whale Tail Necklace” & their bracelet (Natural Raw Sodalite and Onyx Bracelet) causing it to sell out after which company also donated 9M+ won. It helps to protect abandoned animals.

Delixir has tweeted that they willl restock the “Whale Tail Necklace” today 20th May since it had been sold out previously.

Today May 20th, less than 3 hours later, Delixr have tweeted on their Official Twitter account that the “Whale Tail Necklace” is sold out!

They posted the picture and wrote “The next restocking is planned for the middle of June and we will prepare a larger amount. Thank you.”

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