Another New Era Begins as BTS Are Spotted With Different Colored Mics During Lotte Online Concert

BTS were spotted with different colored mics from their usual mics the they have been using since last year.

BTS’ microphones always seemed to represent their personalities and with each changed it feels like it’s still representing their new change, new beginning or a more mature version of them. And with their new single “Butter” being released in just two days, the new microphones play a significant role in staring another chapter.

A microphone is every artist’s tool without which they would feel naked or incomplete without.

During their Lotte Duty Free Online concert BTS had on different microphones. RM had Silver, Jin: Mint, green, SUGA: Platinum, j-hope: light blue, Jimin: Lilac, V : Green, and Jungkook: Purple

The new colored mics seem to be the start of the “Butter” era. When HYBE Insight museum opened to the public, BTS’s old mics were on display at the museum.

Well miss their old mics though, j-hope’s red mic, Jin’s white mic which he recently changed from his pink mic, RM’s blue mic, SUGA’s black mic, Jimin’s gold mic, Jung Kook’s purple blue mic while V’s is still keeping his green mic

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