“KIM SEOKJIN” Still Currently Trending Worldwide In Over 10 Countries After Release of Jin’s BTS “Butter” Teaser Photo

No one makes the world go crazy like Mr. World Wide Handsome himself, BTS’ Kim Seokjin! As soon as  Kim Seokjin’s new photo teaser for BTS‘s upcoming single ‘Butter‘ was released, “KIM SEOKJIN” and “Worldwide Handsome” took over the Twitter trends in I’ve 10 countries with over 100K tweets!

KIM SEOKJIN is still trending at #28 WORLDWIDE and in 9 COUNTRIES with 106K tweets after the release of Jin’s BTS’ “Butter” Teaser 1 photo. Seokjin started trending in Canada following the release of “Butter”Teaser photo. Philippines Trends #3 KIM SEOKJIN (88.4 K) #13 WORLDWIDE HANDSOME (7.1 K)

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