d_japanese, a Top Japanese Instagrammer & Influencer, Fashion Icon With 2.5 Million Followers On Instagram Commented On BTS SUGA’s “Butter” Teaser Photo

BTS SUGA’s “Butter” Teaser Photo has generated a lot of interest from fans and even big accounts on Instagram. With over 52K comments everyone is going wild about the rapper’s teaser Photo.

D (d_japanese) is a top Japanese Instagrammer (mega influencer), a Japanese creator, a leading Japanese fashion icon, who has approx. 2.5 million followers on Instagram, ranked 35 in Japan (the Japan’s total number of Instagram users: 33 million users), and ranked 7 among whole Japanese men including Japanese mega celebrities (famous tv stars / actor, actress.


d_japanese commented on SUGA’s post and asked “All white look on SUGA! What do you think?

Even Guiness World Records are whipped for SUGA!

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