20 Hilariously Savage ARMY Tweets Because “Curtain” is Trending With “hobi” After BTS j-hope’s s Latest Conan O’Brien Related Tweet

It all started when BTS’ j-hope got Conan’s name wrong in a game where BTS were presented with a picture of a celebrity and they had to guess who it was. j-hope failed at calling Conan’s name, but said he knew him, he just wavered a bit. Conan O’Brien aired the segment where j-hope did not recognize him on his show last Wednesday night. He ranted about being called “curtain” and plotted a hilarious revenge.

Come 7th May, j-hope posted a Selca and “apology” note on their twitter account, he wrote “Sorry,,,,, Curtain Conan OBrien” ARMY picked up on how j-hope was apologizing but still calling him ‘curtain’ As a result “Hobi” and “Curtain” are currently trending worldwide at #10 and #25 after j-hope’s update on Twitter saying Sorry to Conan O’Brien for calling him ‘Curtain’ instead of calling him Conan.

The origin of the trend “curtain”

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