“PINK JOON” Currently Trending #1 Worldwide After BTS’ RM Tweeted Revealing His New Hair Color Trending Together With “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” for This Reason

BTS have decide that they will be shocking ARMY during this “Butter” era with clues that you think you got it right then bam! everything is upside down and has changed so much. The BTS “Butter” logo and the concept clips were completely polar opposites as fans expected a bright cheerful concept clip after the logo was revealed with yellow, color and yellow background. Only for the concept clips to have a psychedelic of colors and dark vintage themes.

RM had recently posted a Selca/selfie with blonde hair, which we saw in his concept clip. Barely a few days later, we don’t know when the clips were shot so it could be days after or hours after, RM appears with pink hair!

And why is pink hair RM causing fans to freak out? It has been years or what feels like centuries since RM rocked that pink hair do, and the worst or is it best part of it all, is that the BTS rapper and leader had said he would never have pink hair during a “Dynamite” interview last year. So ARMY had already resigned to the fact that RM will NEVER, EVER rock pink hair! And yet, here we are, with “PINK JOON” taking over twitter trends at #1 together with “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” because RM said he’d never do pink hair.

WORLD WIDE TRENDS on Twitter include, #1 PINK JOON, #11 PINK HAIR, #14 MONIE and #28 PINK NAMJOON. “PINK JOON” skyrocketed at #1 in less than 30 minutes on Twitter, entering the top 5 worldwide trends in only 5 minute! Clearly the whole world waited for Pink Joon to make a comeback. In Korea 실트 (Real-time Trends) 4. 핑크머리 (Pink hair)

Here’s why “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” is also trending

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