BTS ARMYs are Making Positive Impacts on The Environment By Planting 14,000 Trees Worldwide (so far)Through “One In An ARMY” Projects

BTS are not only world superstars but they have inspired a whole generation to love themselves and care for others. Their influence has not only been in music but their personal lifestyles as well. BTS’ Jin, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have always talked about messages that inspire, keeps you thinking and encourages in times of despair. The members always have positive words that resonate so well with anyone who listens to them. Their love for each other and desire to show love whenever they are has led to a movement of self love and unconditional love to other people. The members are also as generous as they are creative artistically.

It is this generosity that has led an ARMY of people from different backgrounds, race, color, religion, educational background, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographical differences, age, country etc. to come together under one goal, change the world, or at least make it a better place for the past generation, the present and the future generation.

ARMY (BTS fans) have found ways to thank BTS for the positive impact that they have had in their lives. Apart from showering them with heart warming messages, the fans have found meaningful ways to celebrate the boys’ birthdays, milestones, anniversaries, and even personal or group achievements, by giving to others.

For the 2019/2020 birthday season, “One In An ARMY” ran #WePurpleEarth; a special BTS birthday project designed to create a better tomorrow on our planet earth. Along with the regular birthday campaigns, each member’s birthday was accompanied by a 48-hour flash donation period benefiting One Tree Planted. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that plants trees around the world. Every dollar raised pays to plant one tree. BTS ARMY team raised enough to plant 33,000 trees, so far they have already planted over 14,000

In Ghana BTS ARMY helped plant about 2500 trees which were put in the ground at the end of 2020. These trees will support the local community and decrease the incidence of resource-based deforestation activities, as well as reduce wildfires and improve wildlife.


Indonesia After the forest fires, 4000 trees were donated by ARMY and planted in January 2021. They will help to better the landscape, protect water quality & provide food and habitat for animals. It will also help inhabitants with their livelihood for the future.


The Orca Project in the United States of America. To help not only the environment but also animals, ARMY helped raise the possibility for 5000 trees to be planted to help improve water quality for the fish in the streams, which in-turn help the 70+ Orcas Whale that live in the Pacific Northwest.


In Australia After the horrible forest fires in Australia at the end of 2019 and start of 2020 ARMY helped to plant 2500 trees through #WePurpleEarth. The trees will help endangered wildlife, improve the soil and water quality & fight climate change.


The Amazons. When the Amazons burned in 2019, #BTSARMY all over the world wanted to do their part. Over 1/10 of the trees planted (by @onetreeplanted) in the Peruvian part of the Amazons last year were donated by ARMY (report to be released)


BTS are also environmentally conscious as they have partnered with several brands to send a message of a cleaner environments and conserving the earth’s resources for future generations to come.

In 2019 BTS became the new global ambassadors of ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the electric street racing series. Formula E teamed up with BTS to promote how electric vehicles can help combat climate change. The message was also to inspire the next generation and millions of young fans to embrace clean energy and become future drivers of electric vehicles

In April 2020, BTS teamed up with Hyundai to release an ad about nature. The initiative was meant to promote the new Hyundai NEXO, which is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The members of BTS also wrote nature-inspired messages to “raise awareness of today’s beautiful world that needs everyone’s constant attention.”

In 2021 BTS once again teamed up with Hyundai for the “For tomorrow, we won’t wait” Earth Day campaign where Hyundai stated that it is constantly pursuing innovation that’s dedicated to helping us live sustainability by creating the NEXO, an eco-friendly FCEV vehicle. They also had the “What Does Water Mean to You” Campaign for World Water Day.

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