“TAETAE” Currently Trending Worldwide After His Recent Post Update on Twitter and Weverse

BTS’ V recently posted an audio clip of his unreleased song and renewed hope for possible mixtape from the vocalist. Today he posted both on Twitter and on Weverse with a simple emoji and a side profile from his Map Of The Soul ON:E photobook concept photo, and bam! ‘Taetae’ is trending in the Entertainment section in the US!”TAETAE” is also currently trending at #8 in India with more than 31K tweets. The #2 on KPOP TRENDS in PHILIPPINES IS “TAETAE.” “KIM TAEHYUNG” is currently trending at #2 in Twipple Japan together with related keywords which are “Beryllium”, “Taehyung-kun”, “TaeTae’s profile”, “Weverse”, “cute”


BTS fans are always excited whenever the “Sweet Night” singer updates on tehri social media sites. Immediately he causes a wave of “we miss you” and “he came home”

And of course the theories about clues to his mixtape never fail to surface

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