12 Times BTS’ Jimin Defyed Gravity With Outstanding Techniques That Left Our Jaws on The Floor! He’s too GOOD!

At this point I’m starting to believe that there is nothing BTS’ vocalist Jimin cannot do!

On 21st April 2021, for ‘Earth Day’, Hyundai Motor Company released a special video of their collaboration with BTS for the message “For a better future, we don’t wait” the message was passed clearly, but what captivated fans even more was BTS Jimin’s gravity defying antics in one of the clips. It was a highy difficult b-boying move that showed off his core strength and incredible flexibility.

Jimin, is the “Main Dancer” in BTS, and holds the global title of “Best Dancer” 1st place for 3 consecutive years!, not only is he the best dancer in K-Pop industry, he’s the best contemporary dancer in the world and has mastered many dance styles in his young life, which is very impressive.

BTS Jimin has mastered various dances such as Marshall Arts, Poppin, Break, Modern Dance, Ballet, Street Dance, and Acrobatic because he has been dancing since middle school and was always the best in his classes, from middle school to high school.

It is no surprise the way Jimin is able to control his body and flawlessly execute such bizarre, crazy mind blowing dance antics, he has done Hapkido, Taekwondo, Japanese martial arts among others, which require discipline, flexibility, flawlessness and more importantly, core strength.

Here are some moments that Jimin has defyed gravity and left us picking our jaws from the floor.

RUN BTS “Invisible Box Challenge”

constantly thinking about how steadily jimin did the invisible box challenge and how much control you need to have to make it look this convincing.

This dance break with J-Hope. The amount of trust and body control you need to pull off this move is just incredible!

“Black Swan” music video. Jimin’s solo shots are breathtaking when he is flying in the air

Jimin jumping in the air with a sunset back ground with finesse

Reading a book while suspended, like how?

Jimin looks like one of those monks that meditates cross legged in mid air

He’s always jumping every moment he gets

During concerts Jimin is known to jump in the air which is always ridiculously high!

This photo shoot for their “Esquire” magazine, the man knows no gravity, gravity is who?

Doing a 180° split in the air! What?

The famous invisible box challenge will always be iconic! Forever!

Jimin’s solo performance during the 2019 MMA Awards

More shots of his incredible talent

His gravity difying antics in motion

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