The Modernized Hanbok Brand BTS’ Jungkook Wore Already Sold Out at The “K-Pop X Hanbok” Exhibition in South Korea

BTS’ Jungkook is a stylish man that loves to embrace his culture. Back in 2019 Jungkook had been spotted wearing a modernized version of the hanbok at the airport. Jungkook then created a “Modern Hanbok” fashion trend in the Korean entertainment industry when celebrities such as Jun Hyun-moo, Jang Do-yeon, Gong Hyo-jin, MC Oh Seung-hwan and The Return of Superman’s Park Joo-ho began wearing similar clothing after he was photographed wearing it.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) has been exhibiting at Dongdaemun Design Plaza since the 13th under the name “K-Pop X Hanbok”

During the exhibition, 25 hanboks actually worn by BTS and other idols in their music videos or stage costumes are being exhibited and shown to the public.

This exhibition of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism encompasses not only domestic fans but also overseas fans. In fact, it is because foreign fans showed extraordinary interest in hanbok. 

BTS’ Jungkook has a special affection for modernized hanbok. He has been spotted in the style which trended immediately he was seen wearing one. Apart from entertainment programs, it was reported that he wore a modernized hanbok during their overseas schedules, which attracted attention.

Jungkook has even given a modernized hanbok as a gift to his juniors, he gave one iLander a hanbok as a gift when BTS appeared on the show. 

“The well known Jungkook effect was scary. The improved hanbok brand that Jungkook wore is no longer available and cannot be sold. As fans around the world continue to purchase.”

BTS have incorporated Korean culture such as Hanbok on the stage early on. In 2018 , BTS wore a hanbok costume in their “Idol” music video. With a tiled house in the background, traditional props such as traditional dances and fans reminiscent of a mask dance were used to promote the beauty of Korea,

2018 at the Melon Music Awards, BTS wore hanbok and decorated the stage with traditional dancers playing traditional Korean instruments, there were traditional costumes and styles that represented and celebrated Korean culture very well.

BTS’ Suga released his second mixtape “D -2” under the name of Agust D. with the title song ‘Daechwita’, he wore the king’s office uniform. ‘Daechwita’ is a song created by sampling Daechwita, a traditional military music used when the king marches. Not only the sound of traditional instruments, but also pansori, a traditional music in the Joseon palace, is played.

This song also served as an opportunity to promote Korean music and costumes to the world. “Daechwita” performed really well on the Billboard which in turn created interest in traditional Korean style and music.

BTS’ Jin wore a Hanbok to the airport as part of punishment for loosing a game in theit variety show “RUN BTS” which drew a lot of interest as media reports talked about his look as the Hanbok gained interest from fans and non fans both locally and abroad

BTS’ Jin rocked the traditional hanbok in style and was unknowingly showcasing traditional Korean style to the world

Last year during BTS’ weeklong stint on the Jimmy Fallon Show, BTS Performed Their song “Idol” in Exquisite, black and gold textured and pattern hanbok.

Traditional or modern, BTS have always been proud of their heritage and happy to showcase Korean culture to the world, which made them the youngest recipients of the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018 which is awarded by the President of South Korea for “outstanding meritorious services in the fields of culture and art in the interest of promoting the national culture and national development

Of which BTS so rightfully deserve.

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