BTS’ Jungkook Explains The Famous Banana Incident That He had With J-Hope During Their Trainee Years

“BTS members have a lot of stories that they can talk about their rookie days, each member has a memory that they recall, that is usually funny. We all know the “Dumpling” incident, that made Jimin and V’s friendship that much stronger, the “Taxi in the rain” incident that made Jimin and Jungkook have a stronger bond, and today Jungkook spoke about the “Banana” incident that occurred between him and J-Hope.

Jungkook spoke about the incident during their “You Quiz On The Block” appearance on On 24th March.

“The fan gifts we got early after debuting were really precious to me, so precious! But there were a lot of fruits, and they kept disappearing. I couldn’t let it continue so I said “Stop eating them, they’re my gifts” but the members were hurt, but Hobi Hyung was eating a banana at the time. He was eating a banana and then… he spit it out like this and *throws*” Jungkook

“I threw it at Jungkook! Thinking back now I’m so sorry” J-Hope laughing, “Right, we were young then”

I love their friendship that as grown over the years, Jungkook really loves his Hyung, he gave him the best birthday present during J-Hope’s Birthday

Watch the full interview

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