BTS Jin’s Brother Shares His Hilarious Response on Instagram After Jin’s Interview About Him

BTS were invited to the “You Quiz On The Block” a South-Korean TV variety show where they spent time with the hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho, being interviewed about various topics. The members had one on one sessions, groups of 2 or three and all of them. They even played games and watched a fan perform “MIC Drop” for them. In one of the segments Jin talks about his older brother, and like in most households he had a love hate relationship that comes with older-younger sibling dynamics. Sometimes it usually easy to forget that Jin is the last born in their family.

Watch the full interview

After the interview, Jin’s brother has shared a hilarious response about the interview and even added screen shots of their conversation.

“Hello. This is the (former) most hated person in the world but (current) bowing man. I’m editing the story bc the story wasn’t told quite correctly. I wasn’t that much of an ass kisser/groveler. In that short period of growing up, don’t bother your younger siblings just bc you were born earlier. You can’t trust your birth order so it’s best to treat your younger siblings well in advance.” Jin’s brother on his Instagram handle


Jin’s brother included screen shots of their hilarious conversation


Jin and his brother are just showing that they both have the comedic attribute to them. Jin’s brother once sent an email to him when he travelled abroad. He joked sating that he hoped Jin was not being bullied and that if he is he should show the power of Koreans so as not to be beat up. And he even asked Jin not to tell their mum he got an email from him becuase he used the computer without permission!

“Well First I felt kinda jealous and didn’t like the fact that you went alone to some place where even I haven’t been to. But I laughed when I heard that all your friends left you while you were looking up words in your phone dictionary. Here its so hot, I sweat even when air conditioner is on. Mom and Dad is well, and I alone feel like dying, but I study since I have title of High school 2nd grade which I didn’t ask for. My biggest worry is that you would get beaten up…I’m telling you, Don’t ever get beaten up. Show them power of Koreans. I don’t expect too much of you with studying anyway lol. Don’t get beaten up, grow your strength and come back to Korea. Bc your cool brother’s fist is waiting for you ^^ ps. Don’t ever tell mom that you got this mail. I’m so gonna get in trouble if mom finds out that I was on computer.” Source

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