“BEST MAIN VOCALIST JUNGKOOK” Trended Top 10 Worldwide To Comfort Jungkook After His Candid Talk About The Past

BTS Jungkook joined BTS at a very early age, in his early teen years and for a young teenage boy being given the responsibility of essentially becoming the main vocalist in BTS would have been a great burden even to the best of vocalists. He was entrusted to be the lead dancer, sub rapper, center of the group performances, choreo and main vocalist, a massive responsibility to say the least. As a 15 year old, in a new city living with strangers, Jungkook must have felt alone or unsettled. In a candid interview on the show “You Quiz On The Block” Jungkook opened up about the difficulties he faced during the early debut days and the fears he had about him being the main vocalist in BTS.

“After some months passed I missed my mom so much I cried while eating a cup ramen at the convenient store. When we debuted I was the main vocal of the team. I used to think: other teams’ main vocals are so good at singing and good at dancing and handsome/cool and I thought what am I? can I really be this team’s main vocal..? ” Jungkook spoke about his internal battles, “Is it right that I’m the main vocal?”

Eventually he found out that the decision to succeed all lies within himself, and he decided that,

“I felt that I’m the only person who can change things. It all depended on my actions. I set no rules. There were no absolute rules for me. I worked and practiced my vocal whenever I can. 24 hours..” Jungkook

Jungkook has proved himself to be the hardworking, disciplined, kind hearted human being that he is and ARMY couldn’t be prouder. He has grown in the limelight and with every addition to his many achievements one can see his growth in more ways than one, and that is why they all agree that he is the “best main vocalist”

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